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It’s not about having the right opportunities.
It’s about handling the opportunities right.

— Mark Hunter

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Taylor McCarthy

is a 31-year old armed with information to put you in power—he is a cold call pro from Boston, Massachusetts, and lived out of a suitcase for his first few years of grinding. Over the past 10 years, he’s made over $6-million in sales/commissions while building door-to-door direct sales teams. At 18-years old he was the #1 Sales Rep in the entire United States for Verizon/Comcast out of 3200 sales reps. For 3 consecutive years, he was #1 selling Home Security and was one of very few that installed 400 each summer. He holds a title few achieve as “Salesman of the Year” 3 times, a true back-to-back-to-back. Taylor also holds an incredible record of 114 personal roofing sales in 10 days.

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